Ankole Cattle

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 The Ankole cattle is a symbol that carries my ancestral heritage right from the two main ethnicity groups that roots through my veins, the Bantu and the Nilotics. Being born in a nomadic pastoralism life I was acquainted with the cattle, both physically and spiritually. Just like my parents, and all the way back to my great grandparents I learned and grew up learning a lot to do with life connected with these animals. They carry along the life of my great grand fathers, the migration which was influenced by their love for these animals as they searched water and pasture. My great grandfather came from Central and North Africa to the great interlacustrine region (the region which covered parts of DR Congo and Uganda) which broke loose to various chiefdoms and kingdoms where my mine lies Bunyoro Kitara empire. Later due to many political, social and economic reasons they moved to Congo basin where settled since then. We consider milk and other cattle products essential for life. They also reflect on our moral and spiritual values mainly; kindness, humbleness, peacefulness and unity. I personally find as growing up around these cattles, have shaped me more deeply in moral and spiritual aspects despite the bad things that have happened along the way. I got more humble and calm by the these things mainly the refugee situation I have gone through losing most of my family and all that I have been through.

Place(s): Africa
Year: 2016

– RA

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant