Colombian team jersey 2014

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Front of the Colombian soccer jersey
Front of the Colombian soccer jersey

For me, 17 year old female, this jersey is so much more that just a sport jersey as it was a present from my dad; I remember he bought it when I was 8 in a cold night from a street vendor as we couldn’t afford the originals at the moment(not like there much of a difference).
As a Colombian we take pride in the national soccer team and it tends to be a very special event when they have a game as it’s an opportunity to celebrate and cheer with family and friends.
That jersey contains all my memories of those especial moments when my family was brought together by the team and that makes it one of the most meaningful objects I brought from my country. Till this day I make especial memories with that shirt and it might not be the same as when I was younger but it helps me see all the things we have accomplished and gets me through the tough times, the lonely times when I miss my family the most and I’m so grateful for that.

Place(s): Bogotá, Colombia
Year: 2019

– Laura Gomez

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