A Wilson leather football
A Wilson leather football

Before I was born my older brother fell in love with the game of football. Every time he had the ball in his hands he just knew that he was going pro. On the local recreation football team he was best on the field. He even went on to play for his middle school team. At that point I was finally old enough to play too. So he worked me near to death so that I could be the best player there was. Woke me up at Five O'clock in the morning to run laps around our giant field. After school before I even finished my homework he made me run routes and work on my footwork. Then came that time of the year where recreation football started. It was time to see if all that hard work was really worth it. I joined the Cooper and Humble Knights and led the team to a championship. That same season I also won offensive MVP. After that I played for two more seasons and five more seasons then stopped. Even my older brother stopped liking football. Even though I don't play or even like football anymore it will always be an important part of my life because it's what connected me to my brother.

Place(s): Virginia

– M.C.

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