Ceramic Horse

This ceramic horse was given to my mother when she lived in Azerbaijan. While she was young she lived with her parents and her brother in a small apartment that often didn't have enough space for her to live comfortably. Once she started to spend time with her older neighbor, she became much like a mother figure in her life and took her to see more of the world she lived in. They didn't go too far, but the care that woman showed her took her a long way. Her companion taught her chess, checkers, helped her with school, and even let her stay in her home when my mother's wasn't enough. As the woman grew older, she told my mom that if she died, she could run to her house and take what she'd like, but she promised her this horse. And she took it with her every step of the way to get to America and where she is today.

Year: 1989

– Sophia Azaraev

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