Foods of All Regions

This is a pantry full of different foods
This is a pantry full of different foods

    In everyday life, I come around many different kinds of food. These foods may not relate to my background but I love them in every way possible. It doesn´t matter to me If the food is something like Japanese or Puerterican, I can still enjoy the individual tastes of each country´s different foods. Ibeleive that food can play a role in who you become and what cultures you will believe in.
     As I grew up I fell in love with Mexican Food. This played a part in me taking Spanish class to learn more about where this amazing food came from and how it originated. I can say this about many different kinds of food. I have expanded my knowledge with the food that goes along with its own culture. I may not know much about my own background but I love learning about others backgrounds through things like food. 

– Conner Williams

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