Collage of my story
Collage of my story

My object is Spanakopita, Greek spinach pie. The main ingredients include: feta cheese, phyllo dough (which is a delicate, paper-thin, crust), spinach, eggs, onion, fresh parsley, dill, garlic, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Whenever my family goes to Athens, Greece, we always get a huge piece of Spanakopita. It would be gone quickly because I love it so much! This Greek treat is important to me because there is a family recipe that was passed down from my great-grandma to my grandma, to my mom, to my cousins, and to me. We eat it every single time I go to my grandma’s house. I remember in 2018, there was a “father-daughter” cooking competition in Girl Scouts. My dad and I decided to cook spanakopita because it’s part of my family and that is important to me. It was really fun and special because I have never made it homemade before. I rarely get to cook with my dad and it was a fun experience to feel like we were a team. It was also a fun challenge to make sure the phyllo dough would not rip. My grandma always used to make sure it would not rip too. Even though we did not win the competition it was still a memorable experience. I hope when I have a family, I will get to teach them the recipe and make spanakopita with them! I am proud to be Greek! 

Place(s): Greece

– TE

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant