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My family’s migration story is elaborate, but something that always seems to come up is a flute. From my great-great-grandfather James all the way to me the flute connects us. My family came to America from Ireland at two times in history. One part came in the 17th century (roughly 1629-30). Her name was Mary and her husband was James and another in the 19th century (1860) they were two brothers by the name of James and William who came for work. The flute became part of my family when my great-great-grandfather was fighting for England and learned to play. James taught his children and his children taught theirs and so on. Unfortunately the original flute is not here anymore the practice of playing is still around. My father James III plays everyday. Hopefully I soon will take up the practice again. The flute is still very important and my father hopes that my sister and I will have our children learn to play the flute.

Year: 2016

– James

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