In Fun

As a son of two parents in the Navy, I moved a lot. Every four years or so it was time to pack up the moving truck and go to the next station. With such limited space, we started a collection of magnets. Every time we moved cross-country, we made stops to see landmarks and that is where we bought most of our collection. It didn't matter where we were, there was always a place that sold cheap magnets. National parks, museums, and even gas stations always had a few different styles and designs to choose. The best ones are those my dad picked up in foreign countries to bring home. Some have names, which my younger sister could never find one spelled like hers, some have bright colors, some are made out of wood, and some are made plastic. Today we have finally settled down after my father's retirement after 24 years in the U.S. Navy. But everyday we see the magnets covering the front and both sides of the fridge and we remember all the hours in the car and all the sights we gazed upon. Each one has a memory and they continue to live on the fridge.

Year: 2000

– Joshua D. Taylor

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