Floral Arrangement of Senegal

My story of my heritage is through migration of my African American descent. My great grandmother was born in Georgia then moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my Grandmother, from there she had my mother and my aunt Ginger was born. My aunt has always been fond of art, especially art of African women. To my aunt if was something that she could relate to and it told the backgrounds of our culture. As a child whenever I went to her house, I could remember her apartment decorated with elephant figurines, African drums, necklaces, beads and lots of African art. Before my aunt passed away back in 2012, she wanted my mother to have one of her favorite paintings. Floral Arrangement of Senegal by Paul Goodnight was one of my aunt’s favorite paintings that she had admired. Paul Goodnight painting is of 5 women dressed in traditional African garments looking out towards an observer. For some reason my aunt always told me, when she brought this painting she pictured herself my mother and my other aunt as those women. So every time when she looked at the piece, it gave her a sense of pride and empowerment. My mother also felt the same for this painting however, my other aunt particularly doesn’t care for it. Before my aunt passed she wanted to be passed down to all the women of the family. Now that my mother has the painting she will pass it to me as continue to have it in my family.

Year: 1956

– Mia Willis

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more