In Attire

Memories are the threads of this flannel. From the depths of the Pacific Northwest, to his local town. My great grandfather had his flannel and Filson hand in hand. He stitched every memory into this flannel. Every new adventure, culture, photograph was spiritually threaded into it. My great grandfathers dad from Italy passed the flannel down to him, and then he passed it down to me. People would just think it's a piece of clothing but, for me there's many ties to it. I have a passion for adventuring and taking photographs of the nature surrounding me. I feel inspired while wearing the flannel, I feel like I want to take on the world like he did, I want to photograph everything that stands out to me. I want to feel and fall in love with nature and the beautiful depths of it. Wearing it I can spiritually feel the memories, cultures, and miles he encountered in the flannel. The Pacific Northwest is exactly where I want to go. I want to see the mountain and forests. I remember when he gave it to me he said, “ you only live one life, and one life only. Go and take on any adventure your soul craves. Be able to feel the breeze, mountains, forests, and ocean through your veins. Photograph every little thing that stands out to you. To remember why you have lived the life you felt was worth living die. wearing the flannel always puts those words through my head. For me I need to travel in order to feel I've experienced life. 

– Angelina

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