First Home


My grandparents came to America with different goals but found love and their American Dream instead. Grandma Yung, didn’t want to be married-off like other girls so, with minimal English, she and her cousins went to America. Grandma became a maid for the Schepps family and worked with a small team of immigrants. One night, the Schepps had roasted chicken – one for the family and one for staff. The staff who bullied Grandma wouldn’t give her any food and told her to get dinner from the boss’ table. Grandma didn’t cower and did just that! She taught us to stand up for what’s right and to always cherish family. Grandpa Ling, came to America to make money to start a lumber business. He meant to go back to China when he had enough money but the Communists took over. Since his family was part of the old government, he feared the Communists would kill him if he went back. He got a restaurant job, went to night school, learned English and passed the citizenship test. Grandpa always emphasized the importance of education because he wanted his girls to be smart, independent women. During the late 1950s my grandparents met and fell in love. In 1960, Grandma left 5th Avenue-life with the Schepps to marry Grandpa and make a home in Brooklyn. My mother was born that year and my aunt arrived a year later. It was their American Dream to start a family, own a house and provide for their family. We are happy they were able to achieve their dream as we proudly carry it on.

Place(s): Brooklyn

– C. Wong

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant