Crystal "Wine Glass"

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

A cup from my family’s generation has a “teacup” artifact from Russia, when my cousins dad was living in the Soviet Union and he actually broke it so it is missing parts. It had gotten fixed by my cousins dads dad. It used to be a wine glass with a handle on the bottom, so what they did is fixed it for a regular cup. The cup came in a particular set of 4 different coloured wine glasses. They were hand-crafted, in Russia from my Great Aunt and Uncle from the soviet union. They were passed down to my cousin/Aunt. The “cup” traveled from Russia, to New York, and finally North Carolina Black Mountain where they are stored in a also antique glass shelf that has other antique Jewelry and other Cups that are from the 1900s. The material of the cup was a blue crystal look with a design of many different silver flower designs. The people that actually passed it down was from my cousins Great Grandma to her dad which as the story tells he didn’t “really” take care of it because it went from a wine glass to a cup, but this cup has a long journey from the 1900s which is a very old artifact.

Place(s): Russia Soviet Union, New York, North Carolina

– Jonathan L.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant