My Sheep

Relationship: Im/migrant

    I was born in Uganda, but when I was a little girl my mom decided to take me to Congo because my grandma wanted to see me. When I was in Congo my grandma gave me a lamb, a baby sheep. Later on when it was time to go back to Uganda I refused to go back with my mom.  Instead, I stayed with my grandma and my aunt. After some years, my elder brother came to stay in Congo too. I started  to go to school.  At the school in Congo, all of the students knew French, but I didn't know French, and it made school harder for me.  After school each day, I would go behind my grandma's house to graze my favorite sheep which my grandma gave to me. I would also look for firewood to roast some cassavas, sweet potatoes, and maize for myself, my sheep, and my friends.  Later, I found out that the kids I called my "friends" were actually my cousins.  I wouldn't do any chores at home if I  didn’t see my sheep, because my sheep was the only thing that could make me smile. My sheep made me feel like I wanted to see my mom, thank her, and tell her "Thank you, Mom, for bringing me in Congo."  But when my sheep died, I was so angry, heartbroken, and sad, because that sheep was the only thing that could make me feel happy and not bored. It was my best friend.  When I remember it, I feel like crying, and it makes me want to stay with my grandma again. I miss eating with her and all her favorite dishes.                                                               

Place(s): congo
Year: 2017

– Christine

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant