My great-grandmother's quilt

The quilt
The quilt

The object I chose is my great-and great-great grandmas quilt. My great-great-grandma pieced it and my great-grandma quilted it. We got it from Floyd, Virginia where my great-great-grandma and great-grandma used to live. Nobody uses it yet because it was in storage, but now we have unpacked it so will either keep it on the couch as decoration or we will f put it in a stack to use whenever we are cold. It is made of fabric from old bags  that held animal feed and the good parts of old dresses. You can't wash it in a machine or it will be ruined so we will have to hand wash it if we want to clean it.  I chose my object because it's pretty and two people in my family from different generations made it and I think it is cool that my great-and great-great-grandma both made it without knowing they were helping each other. It teaches that people used to help each other and not just think of themselves because they would do things like make feed bags out of fancy fabric so the women could reuse the fabric for things like clothes and quilts. It connects to littering through the ways that people now throw everything on the ground and people then would use their old dresses and feed bags.  A question that I have for my ancestors about the quilt is if they ever rearranged the quilt squares until they found the way they liked it. Something I think about this artifact is it is cool that my great-great-grandma pieced it and my great-grandma and her best friend, who is my grandpa's mom, found and quilted it without wondering where it came from. That makes me think they were good people. 

Place(s): Virginia, USA

– Diora Adkins

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more