The experience of coming to US

Relationship: Im/migrant
Lincoln Center and The Juilliard School
Lincoln Center and The Juilliard School

This photo was taken in 2016, it was one of the first photos that I took when I just arrived in the US. I am a 17 years old kid from Taiwan, who have been studying trombone since 11. Trombone always makes me feel proud and special. After my horrible first year of middle school, my parents decided to transfer me out of the school that I was in. They had considered international schools and other public schools in Taiwan, but they finally decided to let me try out for my life, which is coming to the US and audition for Curtis Institute of Music and the Juilliard Pre-College. At the age of 13, I did my first audition in my life. Unfortunately, I did not get accepted by the Curtis Institute. I was telling myself  it is fine, not a big deal, but I need to try my best for the Juilliard one. One week later, we went to New York. This time, I got accepted by the Pre-College. I could not describe how excited and happy I was, but I would say that it was a fantastic experience. Music makes me special, it builds up my characteristics, and builds up who I am right now. Everything in my life is associated with music, including my daily schedule, the choices I made, and the way I live. I really appreciate my parents for giving chances to come to the US and audition for schools. My parents changed my life a lot, they gave me directions for my future, and faced my problems together with me. I won’t be here if I did not learn music, and I won’t be here if my parents did not support me. This picture represents my life, the excitement of coming here, and the dream to be here.

Place(s): New York, Taiwan
Year: 2016

– Jonathan Liang

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant