First Aid in English Book

Relationship: Im/migrant
The New First Aid in English Book
The New First Aid in English Book

My grandmother was the granddaughter of a slave. She got married and dedicated her life to educating her children.Growing up most of my family worked for or with the state in some type of way. When I migrated from the West Indies I decided that I didn’t want to work for the state. I wanted to educate myself at a higher level and pursue an independent career. I kept the memory of a 'First Aid In English' text as a motivation to keep working towards achieving higher education. I have been able to achieve a graduate level education and see my daughter on her way to achieving a college education. Looking at the First Aid in English text is a constant reminder of my mother always wanting us to achieve what she was unable to acquire. It reminds me of the importance placed on reading and education not just in my family but so many black and brown communities in this country. It reminds me of the many disparities that prevent so many from acquiring an equal education.Knowing that the lack of access to good quality education is one direct result of colonization in many parts of the world motivates me to keep being a special educator. All around we see education as a value that can essentially break down the poverty barriers we have faced and continue to face. 

Place(s): Jamaica West Indies

– Monique N

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant