fanoos (lantern)


Fanoos (lantern) come from the arab people to somali people in africa. Fanoos are use for lighting up houses, and restaurants. They are very useful in the nights because that's when the house is dark and back the days there weren't any other lights then fanoos. In my family this object was used by my mom because she was the only person who knew how to use cause it contain putting gas in and children's were not allowed to. I learned this object when I was very young. I use to see my mom lighting at nights and the whole use to shine. I choice this object because it’s useful to me and my family and It also represent me and my family story of migration. They have used this for their whole life from the conflicts war back in africa , also they are still used in africa even though there are normal lights that they have . I even heard from my mom that still people use it a lot in africa , cause its being nine years I have been away from africa. Yes they  have traveled with this object around where they have lived. This object made me feel happy because it has made me shine just how it made my house shine.

Place(s): Africa

– Nbarkhadle

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child