Family Slogan


On May in 2008, my daughter, grandson (he was 10 months old), and I went back to JiangSu China from NYC. We took part in the four generation’s family reunion. Our whole family went to there. We ate some delicious Chinese dishes. We looked at old pictures and listened to family stories. To my surprise, my aunt was well. She showed new family saying“知书达理”[Zhi Shu Da Li “Know” “Books” “Attain” “Truth”] to us. It had been written on the piece of formal paper. Then my elder brother explained these“知书达理” [Zhi Shu Da Li] four words. [They mean] knowledge and civility. Everyone [studies] Chinese cultures, scientific knowledge, healthy lifestyle, and [progress] to be a modern civilized people. “Yeah! I should study Chinese language,” teenage cousin Tina loudly said. She came from Australia. “Tina, you are great! You study Chinese, it will be your second language [like English is my second language],” my daughter spoke the words with cheer. Everybody perfectly endorsed “Know Books Attain Truth” and clapped heartily. I am member of our little family branch and [will] hard study English, American history and Constitution, etc. I will want to become a volunteer to warmly [serve] in local community. “知书达理”-Our Family Tradition! It has passed from generation to generation.

Year: 2008

– BaiWu Xia

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