Bermuda sand

bottle of Bermuda sand
bottle of Bermuda sand

Most people know me for my Hispanic heritage, buy my mom's side of the family is from Bermuda. This object is sand from a beach in Bermuda is a Bermudian rum bottle used for ginger beer. My grandfather came to the States when he was our age and practically raised himself. In his 20s he moved back to Bermuda, but since he had a child here he went back and forth. My mom was born in the US and didn't see him much because he was in Bermuda, since he had more children there. But when he came to the U.S to visit my mom he gave her the bottle of sand from the beach to remind her of Bermuda and more specifically him because she never really saw him. Although the sand was given in a Bermuda rum bottle it had nothing to do with the rum itself. My mama Agie, the person who looked after my grandfather in the states, was the one who gave him the bottle to put ginger beer in. My mom/family still make ginger beer today for almost every family gathering, celebration or holiday. Some specific holidays celebrated are Bermuda day, Bermuda Remembrance Day, and Bermuda Boxing Day. The way this object connects to me is my when my grandfather passed this one of the things I have of him and his country and from my other family in Bermuda. where my family is from. Bermuda is not very safe, so until I get to go to Bermuda this object that I have to remind me where my family is from.

Place(s): Bermuda

– Gabriella

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant