Family Sagrada Bible

The story behind the Sagrada Bible is fairly simple. My great-grandma bought this when it was first published, September 30, 1943. Since then, she kept it in pristine condition. She kept it by her side and in her arms when she passed. My grandma even says that she asked for a favor, to keep the bible in this family for as long as it can stay intact. The eldest, my grandma, took possession, since she was the oldest. Now my grandma often reads it to us, bringing us closer to our faith, and reminding us that our faith should stay with us through life and death. She says that when she passes, she hopes to have it in her arms, and my mom, the eldest, should be ready to take it. Then sadly, one day I'll have to take it, then, my eldest. So what this bible really represents is to always keep our faith first, and this 72 year old bible surely shows it.

Year: 1943

– David Gutierrez

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