Family reunion


This is one of a few photos that I took with my grandparents. We used to live together with a big sharing yard where I played with my younger brother and cousins shown in the picture. In the picture, I was sitting in my grandpa's lap and my little brother was sitting in my grandma's. The other two girls are my cousins. My grandparents came to America in 2002 when I was 6. For some reason, my dad didn't move to America like his two brothers. My grandparents, all my uncles and cousins left. My big extended family became a family of four since then. Ten more years had past when I came to America three years ago. I had to admit that my grandparents and I were not that close since we were not living together for more than ten years. I felt like I was a stranger when I first came to live with them. After we had a family reunion in my cousin's wedding day, I realized that family are always family. We talked to each other, laughing about funny childhood stories. We always have connections because we are family. 

Place(s): - China, New York

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child