Morin Khuur\Horsehead Fiddle

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Morin Khuur
Morin Khuur

The Morin Khuur is one of the symbols of Mongolian and Buryat musical tradition. The literal translation of the instrument`s name is a ''horsehead fiddle", as traditionally the neck of the Morin Khuur is carved into the shape of a horse head. It is a bowed stringed instrument. The instrument is played sitting down, holding between the knees of the player. Many Mongolians have the instrument in their homes because it is a symbol of a happiness, peace and prosperity. When I arrived in the United States, I could not bring this instrument with me because of its large size. But at the first opportunity I moved it to my new home in a new country. I`m not a musician, but several years ago I took 10 lessons on playing this instrument. I`m very proud of it and sometimes I torture my family with my musical sounds:). I play the Morin Khuur with my heart, and I see in front of me a herd of horses racing across the steppe. Like an ancient Mongol, I have my own horse, good lucky horse in my American home. 

– Roza Galsanova

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