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Roland LaStarza and Jimmy DeAngelo
Roland LaStarza and Jimmy DeAngelo

 Among framed photos of my sisters and me sat an old picture of people I didn't know. But what I did know was that these men in this picture must have been important because of the picture's placement. This picture features a young, fit man covered in sweat, a boxer, and an older man with white hair. The older man in the photo was my grandfather. My grandfather died about a year after that photo, and with him died a lot of my family's story. But here's what we do know. We know that after his father was murdered in a card game in Italy, my grandfather was sent to live in America. We've been told he changed his name when he got here, but we can't find any records of him arriving in America. My grandfather was proud that he was living in America. He didn't speak the old language and tried to assimilate into American culture as much as he could. The young man in the picture was Roland LaStarza, his boxer. My grandfather was a boxing manager. One day when scrolling through the tv, something led me to ESPN Classic. On was a boxing match between Roland LaStarza and Rocky Marciano, and there in the corner of the screen was my grandfather, James DeAngelo. This man that I had only met through a handful of old photos was there on my television screen. On that screen, a connection to who I was. 

– Cynthia DeAngelo

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