Family Photo

family photo at a park
family photo at a park

This is an old photo of me and my family. This is me when I was small. I just kind of miss my old memories back when I was small, because this makes me memorize all the good times I had. This photo gives me all the good memories I had and I really love the old portrait because back then I was kind of teeny tiny and I'd play around a lot and I'd get a little sneaky sometimes, but I kind of miss my old family back then. The other people in the photo are my family. They are my mom and dad, my big sister and I have other siblings but they weren’t born yet. I remember running around the park and my mom said don’t run fast and then I tripped over but my mom caught me and I felt so happy. My dad said "come, let’s do a family photo". Then we all crowded each other and I was sitting on my dad’s lap and we took a good family photo.

Place(s): Chinatown, NY

– RS

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