Family Photo Album

 cover of my family photo album
cover of my family photo album

In my home, there is a photo album that shows our family’s memories. All the good and great times that my family has lived through has been taken in this photo album. In my family, we always look at our photo album to reminisce about the good times we have been through. Whenever anyone is sad in our family, someone else usually comes over to them, comforts them, and pulls out the family photo album. They go through the memories together, laughing, smiling, and remembering those good times. They typically feel a little better after that. The photo album has been a thing in my family for a while. My great-grandmother and grandfather came from Italy and my other great-grandfather and great-grandmother (I'm not exactly sure if they came here or if they were already in the United States) came from Ireland. They had pictures and black and white photographs that they had taken in earlier times. They brought those photographs with them on their expedition to America. They kept those photos and put them into an album. Each generation of my family added on to the photo album with their memories and good times. Many families have something similar to this, like a dining room table or an antique, for example. My family’s story is unique because it's really special to my family. A lot of families have something really special to their families. Every family has something unique about them, and this photo album is one of the many unique qualities about my family.

Place(s): Quincy, Ireland

– BG

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more