Goose Painting

Painting of a goose
Painting of a goose

My family doesn't really have any heirlooms, so I guess I'll pass down this painting of a goose I did. It doesn't really have an interesting story behind it. I was bored one day and decided to paint something. It doesn't have any real symbolic significance. I just sort of like geese. It isn't even an especially good painting. However, when I look at it. I feel a bit happier. I hope that my family can look at it in the future and feel happy too.
My family doesn't really have any heirlooms, but from what I've gathered from other people, it doesn't seem like the object has to be anything special to begin with. It's time and the association with one's family that gives the heirloom meaning. Maybe this painting will gain meaning over time and my descendants will pass it on for generations to come. Or maybe not. Maybe they won't care about the painting at all and will chuck it in the trash the second I'm gone. I don't know. 

Place(s): Norfolk

– MG

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