Family Photo


My object is a family photo. It includes my mom, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, and me. Every year for the past 16 years my family has taken a picture on the beach in Sanibel Island, Florida with the sunset behind us. This photo was taken last year. It is a glossy 8x10 picture. It's very colorful, with all our clothes, and the background. My cousins and I were wearing sun dresses.  I chose this object because when we go, it's a very special time; we get to be with family. The tradition started when my mom was an adult and my great-grandpa passed away in 2000. They went to the Atlantis but they did not like it. So the next year, they went to Sanibel and loved it. They kept going back because they didn't want to be home in the winter to remind them of my great-grandpa’s passing. We go to have a good time.  Since last year was our 15th year, we got t-shirts to celebrate it. For the girls, they were purple, and for the guys, they were blue. They had a circle and bikes around the circle. Inside the circle, it said Sanibel: Kottler-Dennis-Mann. It also said “Est. 2001”. Another reason why it's so special is because we always go around the same time of year, we go to the same places, stay in the same resort, and do the same things. But, why this family photo is so special is because, you get to see how everyone has changed every year. Also, It reminds us of our cousins, since they live in Colorado. Our Sanibel family photos remind us of the warm and good family times.

– J

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