Family Necklace

In Attire

This necklace represents the struggle that my dad and my grandparents went through in order to have a better life. My grandparents came from Oaxaca, Mexico in the early 80's in order to make a bright future for their children. My aunt and my dad were born in Mexico and my other uncle was born here. My grandpa worked in a meat factory for many hours and my grandma worked in sewing clothes. This necklace was one of the little thing that my grandpa brought with him that he later on gave to my dad, and was then passed-on to me. This necklace always reminds me of how fortunate I am because of the decisions my grandparents made for the future of their kids and grand kids. When my grandparents left Mexico their family told them that they wouldn't make it and that they where making a big mistake. Thanks to my grandparents decisions, our family is growing and thriving.

Year: 1980

– Jason Jimenez

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