Family land in PR

My father's side of the family comes from Camuy, Puerto Rico. Not too far from the bustling tourist city of San Juan, my abuelo and abuela live in the mountains. Only accessible by car, the lush green grass the trickling streams, old fences, and abundant animals, are the remnants of the farm life my ancestors used to live. My grandparents and their cousins and siblings still grow some of their own food, and eat fresh fruits you can't get at the supermarket. However, many of their children like my father live in the U.S. and either work with law enforcement, for mattress companies or own convenience stores. Despite the majority of my family's assimilation, one of my grand uncles still owns animals and grows his own crop. He lives off of his own land, and even owns a young horse that enjoys being ridden. Despite all the roads and traffic and buildings springing up, Puerto Rico is still a beautiful place.

Year: 1961

– Edwin Estrada

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