Family Genealogical Records

This is the Cover Page of the Book
This is the Cover Page of the Book

  My object is a book showing the history of my family, the Powers family and all the important documents like records of marriage, birth and death. This book comes from my great grandmother’s side of the family. This book was created and is used to record the origin and progressions of the Powers family. The book was created in 1864 to trace back the origin of the Powers family back to the year 1066. Since 1864 this book has been maintained adding the births, marriages and deaths of our family members including the birth of me. The book has been passed down, generation to generation, all the way to my father. This book is significant to our family because it shows all the great things our ancestors have accomplished including Walter Power’s contributions to the founding of the Littleton Settlement in Massachusetts. All of the information was researched over many years in America and finally the first copy was made in 1864. This object defines my identity because it shows our family’s origin from us immigrating from Normandy, France to England in the year 1066 all the way to the birth of me and my siblings.

Place(s): Littleton Settlement - Massachusetts, England
Year: 1406

– HH

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more