Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Mr Dev’s Parents migrated from India when they had just gotten married, his mom was 17 and his dad was 21. They migrated from India and moved straight to a small college town down in Oklahoma called Stillwater because that’s where they had both got into college and that’s what allowed them to come to the united states. It was really tough they came with ten dollars in their pocket total, they didn’t have a savings account, they were their on scholarships and in order to be apart of this scholarship they also had to work 3 jobs each and go to school full time, India is a country that speaks english so they knew english already it’s one of India's main languages so that part was go but to be perfectly honest they were going to a part of the country, where in the 1970s they came here in the south isn’t necessarily like California where it’s very diverse where people of different colors weren't necessarily as equal. My dad was originally an engineer in India, so when you finish high school their you go to school their for two year that's basically your undergrad but he wanted to do more in aerospace engineering, so working on planes and stuff like the fighter jets, and so there weren't any programs in India at the time so the best programs were either in England or the united states and he applied to like 45 schools and the one he was given admission to was Oklahoma state university, and him and my mom had just got married so they came together so they could go to school, get a job, and eventually get a better life.

Place(s): India, Oklahoma
Year: 1979

– CB

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant