Family Farm in Mexico

This right here is a picture of a farm in Mexico. This isn't our farm but it looks pretty similar. I chose this because the farm in Mexico got us through some rough places. Though the farm is small it still makes a pretty good profit and that really helped us when we needed it. My mother always talked of the farm with great pride showing me she really did love it. She told me of how it used to belong to her father and her father's father and so on. How after she would pass away it will become ours. And until recently she hasn't been able to see the farm and when she did see it this year she broke down in tears and I can see how much she really loved it. In the early 80's she illegally came to the United States for a better life for her and us. Since then she did not go back to Mexico one time, until this year where she finally got to see her mother and the farm again. Then I got to see how much this farm meant to the family.

Year: 1936

– Oscar J.

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