Family Crest


My Scottish Ancestry
My artifact is my Scottish ancestry. ( On my moms side. ) My Scottish ancestors lived in a castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, named Castle Forbes. ( Forbes is my moms last name. ) My ancestors also had a family crest. On it, it shows three stags ( ancient deer ) and on top a knight wearing a helmet. There was even a family motto which is sometimes shown on the crest. “Grace me guide” is the family motto, it means grace is my guide. And Finally there is the family tartan. A tartan is the pattern and color you see on a kilt. Tartans are worn by every family in Scotland, but each tartan is different, they are different because it represents each family. Each family has a different color tartan. The Forbes Family tartan is made up of green, blue, black, and white.
I chose my Scottish ancestry for my artifact because it means a lot to me and who I am. My ancestry tells me that a lot of my culture is Scottish, because of the fact that there were over 600 generations of the Forbes Family. My ancestors were also highlanders and also happened to be poor. But they still mean a lot.
The question I have for my ancestors is, how was the castle made? Why were you poor? And when was the family crest made?
In conclusion, I chose my Scottish ancestry as my artifact because it really means a lot to me and my life.

Place(s): Scotland

– FS

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