Family Christmas tree

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Our Christmas tree with white lights.
Our Christmas tree with white lights.

The christmas tree in our living room is a big part of the holidays. It means something to my family because it is a reminder of unity and family time. Christmas is a time we can all be together and spend actual time with one another. It reminds of no drama and to be ourselves without the judgement of the outside world. It reminds us that at the end of the day we only have each other. The tree symbolizes the idea of having fun and letting loose for once. It helps us remember that life can not always be so serious, or you will be miserable. We know that when the tree goes up, Thanksgiving has ended and that Christmas movies are being played and Christmas cookies are being baked. This story is unique to my family because the tree for us shows us that we are still one family at the end of the day and that despite whatever happens, we always have one another. My family story connects with other families’ stories because they too could have something special that reminds them of joy during the holidays.

– Myah Dent

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