Family Bible

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My story revolves around a family Bible passed down through generations of mothers to brides in my family. The Bible is made from leather and paper.  This Bible is used as a Christian guide and records our family history.  This Bible was purchased originally by my great-grandmother, Granny Redwing McCutcheon, as a gift for my grandmother on her wedding day.  When my mother married my father, my grandmother gave it to her and she carried it on her wedding day.  My mother showed me the Bible and told me about its history and that it would be passed down to me on my wedding day.  This Bible shows the importance of the Christian faith to my family.  This object is given from mother to daughter in the family when the daughter gets married.  It has become a family tradition that reminds my family that marriage is a religious commitment.  The Bible represents how important marriage is to my family and celebrates its significance in a special way.  A large part of the culture in Oklahoma and our community is the Christian faith.  We live in the Bible Belt and the many of us are members of a church community.  The Bible represents how important the Christian faith and religion is to my family.

Place(s): Oklahoma
Year: 1965

– Izzy Deller

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant