Faith ( The Legendary Cane)

In Attire

An Item that represents my family is this cane. This cane came from my great great grandfather from Trinidad, his name was Ruthven and it had been passed down from generation to generation. The history of this cane is my great great grandfather Ruthven, owned a number of horses in Trinidad and used to train and race them all the time to make a living and get by. He had this horse name faith which was his fastest horse, She is so fast that the other islanders believed that the horse was sent from God. Faith and my great great grandfather became legends of the horse racing in Trinidad, but time went by and faith got old and my great great grandfather knew it was time to let her go but to make sure that when she was gone she wasn't forgotten he made this cane from scratch and made sure it symbolized faith. After years of racing he finally settled down and had a family, passed the can onto his son and from his son to my grandfather. I’m hoping one day my grandfather will pass on the cane to me so I can carry on the legacy of faith. It may seem like an ordinary cane but this can means a lot to the Fernandez familia. The word faith may just be a word here but in Trinidad it is a legacy, A legacy I hope to carry on and one day pass on to my son.

Place(s): Trinidad and Tobago

– Maurice Nix

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant