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Tiznit woman wearing the crown
Tiznit woman wearing the crown

My grandmother and the Liberty Statue
When people migrate or just leave for a long time, they usually take something with them that will remind them of home. As for me, I did not have to take anything  with me when I left Morocco for New York. An emotional object for me is already present in New York,  in one of its most beautiful landmarks  and representative of the USA. It is the crown worn by the Statue of Liberty. Indeed, the French sculptor F.A. Bartholdi, the artist behind the statue, had adorned  the statue with a crown reminiscent of the crown worn by Berber/Amazigh women of Tiznit region.Today, every time I look at the statue , I am reminded of my grandmother who wore this crown until the end of her life. She wore it on every occasion to be celebrated, when she was invited or when she received or just to make herself look beautiful before going out. It's a silver jewel, handcrafted by the artisans of Tiznit in their small shops. Every time I see the statue, I  remember my grandmother and I dive back into my childhood and my teenage.I remember the sweet summer days I spent at my grandmother's house located on the heights in a lunar landscape and overlooking several hundred feet below the river.In order to carry on the tradition, my daughter wore this crown  at her wedding a few months ago. Her photo will now remind me of my grandmother and my life before. In Morocco , it will remind me of  the Liberty  Statue  and therefore  New York City.

Place(s): Morocco (Tiznit), New York
Year: 2021

– Ali Moudden

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant