Ethiopian dishes

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This is a Ethiopian Side dish, Tibs.
This is a Ethiopian Side dish, Tibs.

Injera is a famous Ethiopian dish. To be more specific, Injera is the bread of the dish. It is kinda like a sour tasting bread, that sauces on the side are all different spices. Ingredients like the first one that comes to mind for most people is Musu, Musu is a yellow sauce with lentil peas that taste really good. Personally, it is my favorite.
Tibs is another Ethiopian dish that can be served as a side with injera. It’s a stir fry made with a variety of different meats, and it's taste is rich and spicy. When it is a main dish and not a side, it can be served in many ways: it can be served with bread, rice, and Injera, also sometimes by itself.
Kifo, is a raw meat side dish that is usually a side dish for Injera, but honestly you can have it with anything even by itself. It's almost like eating a hamburger raw, but without the bun. It's a great dish that you can enjoy with both friends and family.


Place(s): Ethopia

– Taitu

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