This brown Escapulario with Jesus in the main image square represents my parents faith in trying to find more opportunities in the United States. In all the hardships my parents had when coming into the United States without knowing how to communicate with other people properly. My parents came from Durango,Mexico in the 90s to provide a better life in the United States and that Escapulario gave them all the hope and faith they can get since that was one thing that was big in my parents life which was faith and believing in God and that he is going to help them in all the hardships that are coming into their lives. Which eventually was to provide a better financial life for our family in the United States. This Escapulario would mean everything for my mom since she brought it from Mexico and that was one thing that she was carrying when coming into the United States. In fear of not knowing what to do and how to communicate with anyone. But by their faith that they had in God my parents kept on fighting through all the barriers such as breaking the language barrier and being able to communicate with people properly. The Escapulario is what helped my family though the worst moment and the best moments. This is where my parents started in what they are now financially free and successful. By the Escapularios faith that made my parents struggle change into and become into success for our whole family to continue through school and live healthy and I am proud in my parents.

Year: 2000

– Alejandro Tostado

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