El Peso Dominicano

My object is a Peso Dominicano encased in glass with tiny blue rocks inside. It is a copper coin. It is a key chain used to hold keys or decorate the keys. My object is from July 2012. On a trip to D.R. my mom got me this key chain. My mom connects me to this object because she knew I collected key chains and during her trip she got me a memento. My key chain connects to immigration or migration because it’s a peso from D.R. A peso is like a U.S. dollar except not as valuable. A peso from D.R is like a penny in New York. One U.S dollar is equal to 45.43 pesos in the Dominican Republic. This is a reminder of where I come from and where my parents were born and raised until they migrated to the U.S. Although my object isn’t very valuable to anyone else, it shows me that my mom thinks of me even when we’re 1512.2 miles apart.

Year: 2012

– Jaffreisy Sena

Relationship:  unknown unknown