El Dia de Los Muertos kite

Relationship: Im/migrant

I remember making a kite with a bunch of my friends back when I was a teenager in Santiago, Guatemala for Los Muertos. My friends and I had a competition for who could make the best kite. We took this competition very seriously because the kite means a lot for Los Muertos. During this holiday, the heavens would open when you fly the kite and the spirits would fly down from the heavens. The kites are flown to welcome the Spirits to Earth. The size of the kite can vary based on how many people you have working on building the kite. As the years moved on it became very difficult to build it due to the lack of money. So when I got old enough, I moved to America for a better education and more job opportunities. It was incredibly difficult to say goodbye to Guatemala because I had to leave behind my kids. When I came over to America it was not hard to adjust to the change in the culture and the language. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. I took language classes to help with my English, and the education is a lot better here than in Guatemala. I am still looking for a good job, so I will be able to bring my family to America so they can have the same opportunities that I have. When I think of the kite It reminds me of my childhood in Guatemala.    

Place(s): Santiago, Guatemala
Year: 2013

– Josue

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant