My mother came from Mexico to the United States and she brought a few things from Mexico to New York to remember her place. These earrings are just one of the items she brought with her. When I was little my mom warned me that the earning she brought were untouchable. I never saw my mom wearing them because she said it was bad luck for her daughters. I asked her why and her response was “they are only used when my first girl turns into a woman.” My grandma said it was tradition to give the earrings to the first daughter at her wedding. My grandma wore them to my mom’s wedding and gave it to her before my mom was going to leave for her honeymoon. The earrings have been passed down five generations. My older sister will be the sixth. When my mother took the earrings, she wasn't planning on staying in Mexico because she made a promise to herself to give her children a better life. However, my mother wanted to keep the tradition of passing down the earrings. When my mother immigrated to New York and had three kids, she kept the earrings far away from us but told us the importance of the earrings. Growing up I knew my older sister would get to keep the earrings. My sister was thrilled about receiving the earrings.

Year: 1984

– Mileny

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