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The family leopard!
The family leopard!

This story starts off with my dad growing up having fun with this leopard! He decided he would never give it away and pass it on to one of his children. By the time I was old enough he gave it to me and said I don't remember his name so you can rename it. I wanted to name it after my dad so I used my dad's nickname Steve. About a year later I did not like the name so I named it Lazy. But it was not easy finding that name I thought of names all day and by the end of the day I came up with Lazy. 

Lazy was my best friend for a while! He would make me smile and laugh. I would take him on trips in the car, train, and plane. By the age of about 10, I started growing out of lazy. I still kept him to do the same thing he did. I decided I wanted my kids to have the same excitement I had. So I still have lazy to this day waiting for the right time. 

Lazy will be put back to work one day to make people laugh and smile but until then he stays waiting for that to happen. I am sure my dad will love lazy getting passed on from generation to generation. He loved this leopard enough to keep it and pass it on to me!

Place(s): Chicago and New York
Year: 2009

– E.L.K

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