Drinking glass

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
A clear drinking glass and bag of flour.
A clear drinking glass and bag of flour.

My mother was born in London and came to the United States as a student attending graduate school in Baltimore; during those years, she met my father but she eventually returned home. She and my dad continued to date, with each of them traveling to spend time with one another on either side of the ocean. When they eventually got married, they had just moved to Salt Lake City in Utah where my dad had been offered a full-time job. Neither of them had any friends or family nearby; my dad's family was in New York, while mom's family was 5,000 miles away in England. Every few years after I was born, my maternal grandmother was able to make the incredibly long and expensive flight to visit us in Utah. Her life in London was completely opposite from ours. She had always lived in a huge, metropolitan city and in Utah we lived in the woods. Each time she visited, we made a point of baking scones together -- this was something she had done with her mother and grandmother. I was too little to be much help with the mixing or measuring, but I would stand on a chair for my favorite part of the process -- using a drinking glass to cut out the round scones. The scones we made together were very different from scones I saw in American bakeries; they were small and round, and plain but very flaky. The glass I use to cut out scones today isn't the same one I used with my grandmother, but when I started living on my own, I found and bought the same kind we used together.

Place(s): London, Salt Lake City
Year: 1985

– Hannah

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant