From the age of ten there have not being many things in my life that have been constant. I left my home in the island of Trinidad at ten to make a new home in America. My mother hoped by living with my father I would be exposed to all the opportunities here in the states. This shift in my family dynamics changed the structure of my home. But the thing that made home constant was the food especially the doubles. Living with my mother and step father to living only with my father, someone either brings home doubles or is making doubles. Arriving into the freezing cold of New York City after leaving Trinidad I was still reminded of home because of the wonderful meals. In the four months I lived in New York at that time the food from other family members in the city continually reminded me of the island. My father was not a fan of a cold, so we moved. He along with myself and my sisters made our home in sunny Atlanta, Georgia. The warmer weather didn’t change the fact that my household had changed forever. From being the youngest child with both parents to now being the middle child who has to share one parent, home was noticeable different. But my father worked very hard to put food on the table. Even after this I would move to other cities to later find myself living back in New York City with my sisters. Through it all I’ve learned food can always remind you of home and home is where ever you make it.     

– Akeela

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child