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family domino case.
family domino case.

It all began by the oceans side, on the porch of a beaten down brick house under the patio light. There sat the worn domino set, on the scavenged wood table that begged for a screw tightening. These set of dominoes go back very far in my family, showing age and skill. Caribbean dominoes are not the ordinary dominos that are simply fun beach games, instead it is more intense than one could even imagine. The family-friendly game becomes a friendship ruiner and a family rumor. This game becomes problematic once there is shade throwing, smack talk, arguments, slamming and bets. My family in particular is known for always playing dominoes day and night, infact, coming quite good at it. Furthermore, as the family legend goes, my great grandfather died at the domino table mid game. This set of dominos were brought all the way from the little shack in Antigua to Queens, New York in the care of my grandma and grandpa. There grew a brand new family with the same ol’ domino set. One of the many family traditions my grandparents knew they were going to continue was this set of dominoes. Without a doubt, just looking at the case fills my head with so many fun memories, and a time when me and the rest of my family were just happy and enjoying each other's company. Personally, I feel as if it is a representation of how it's the small things in life that make you happy.   

Place(s): Antigua

– Jason

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant