Dominican Republic Flag

Relationship: Im/migrant
Dominican flag
Dominican flag

The object that my mom remembers about her country when she came as an immigrant was a Dominican flag.  My mom is Italia she is Dominican and she came to the U.S for a better life and a better job. But the most important reason is to support her family. When she came to the U.S she came with someone else's papers, which is very dangerous because she could've gotten caught and sent to prison. But my mom came in a different way than other immigrants. She came on an airplane. My mom was really scared because she thought she would get caught by the cops. But she is lucky she didn't. It was very risky trip like that. But once my mom got here she felt a different way. She felt like she was in a better place and she missed everything she used to do like play around with her friends, enjoy the sunny days. But what made her remember all of that was the flag. That flag meant a lot of to her. It was the only thing that got her to remember her all of that. But I think that it's important to share these stories because people get to know others' struggle and reasons they wanted to come. Also tells and show what immigrants really mean. 

Place(s): Dominican Republic, New York
Year: 1980

– Jesus Antonio

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant