Discovering Family

One book. Fourteen pages. Imagine being able to read about your whole family ancestry in just one book with only 14 pages. In 2002, my mom traveled over 8,000 miles to the Philippines for a huge family reunion. After 2 weeks there, everyone came home with a book full of stories. Imagine finding out that your great great grandfather was a lawyer, governor and a member of the first Philippine Assembly. My mother's family having derived from the Philippines, has amazing stories of their life while traveling to the United States. My great great grandfather served as Secretary of Justice of the Revolutionary Government against Spain, where he was responsible for the surrender of Spanish troops in Bacolod. After love at first sight, he went on to marry a women named Felisa Enriquez and had a son, my great grandfather, Fortunato Jayme. He was the first Governor under the Americans and attended college in the US. Later he went back to the Philippines and with his wife had eight children one being my grandma. In my grandma's late 20s traveled to the United States with nothing but stories of the past. She then met my grandpa in New York City and after six short months they were married. Growing up I knew very little of how my grandparents met and their history. Finding this book allowed me to discover where I came from and the stories of my relatives. It allows me to feel connected to my family in the Philippines. Some who I have never met and some who I rarely get to see.

Year: 2002

– Amanda Garrison

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