My bunny stuffed animal

My bunny I brought through treatment
My bunny I brought through treatment

My brother gave me BunnyBuns when I was 7. I slept with him most nights & I loved my stuffy. Then, a year or 2 went by where I didn’t even pick up BunnyBuns. A few days before Christmas when I was 11, my mom announced to me that we needed to go to Seattle Children’s Hospital to see what was wrong with my leg, which had been hurting for 2 weeks. On Christmas day, my mom came into my room while I was packing & saw BunnyBuns on the shelf & put him into my bag. “You might want him for some good luck when we get there,” she said. When we got to Seattle I brought him with me to the hospital. I was TERRIFIED of needles & I was claustrophobic, so BunnyBuns came into all of the scans, bloodwork & doctors’ appointments. At the end of the day, I talked to my doctor & I found out that I probably had cancer. I wheeled myself into the bathroom & started bawling into BunnyBuns. I could not believe that I could have cancer. That night I didn’t even get an hour of sleep. I spent the whole night hugging BunnyBuns, hoping the worst wouldn’t come. The next day I had surgery to find out if I had cancer & he came into surgery with me. When I found out I did have cancer, I was devastated. On the day of my 9-hour surgery to get my leg replaced with a metal implant, Bunnybuns came into surgery with me. When I woke up I had a huge wrap around my leg filled with stuffing & BunnyBuns did too. He also had my hospital ID band on his chest. From that day on, I brought him to every appointment. 

Place(s): Seattle
Year: 2018

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