Denys' Story


My family is here in New York  because it gives us better security.  We are here because there were high rates of criminality in San Salvador. Where we lived before there was  extortion and  a bad economy, In El Salvador, there few opportunities for study and employment.  My first family member who came to the States United was my grandmother about 20 years ago, she come to work as a cook.No one in my family has had a scholarship yet. I may be the first, in spite of everything, My family have always taught me good things to have a good future, one of the most difficult barriers I have is speaking English, Like all languages is difficult, but If you want, you can achieve it and we are doing it together, Another interesting fact nobody in our family has been a teacher yet.We sometimes see the news and we are a little informed of what is happening in our country and there is currently internal corruption in the central government and in the political parties, we would prosecute the abuse of power and authorities in our country.Also my family are informed about what is happening in United States, What donald trump government is doing with Honduran immigrants, the new laws.

– Denys

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child